Acapella Hymns: History

The term acapella is of fairly recent origin. It first began to be used around 1875, and it is an Italian term meaning “in the manner of a chapel.” It referred to singing without instrumental accompaniment, the normal practice in the Middles Ages. So acapella hymns are hymns sung without musical accompaniment. Actually, the preferred spelling of the term is a cappella, but both acappella and acapella are common variations. From all of the evidence we have, it appears that the early Christians sang hymns in their congregational meetings without musical accompaniment. (See the quotations under... 

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Acapella Hymns

Articles on Acappella Hymns

Mennonite Acappella Groups

Since most conservative Mennonite and Amish churches sing only a cappella hymns in their churches, it is not surprising to find that... 

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Church of Christ Acappella Groups

There are numerous acapella singing groups associated with the churches of Christ. This article will focus on two of the better known... 

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Early Christians and Music

Most of the early Christian writers speak negatively about musical instruments, as can be seen from the quotations that follow. Many... 

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Gregorian Chant

// Exactly what is Gregorian chant, and how did it originate? Although most people today think of chant as something different from... 

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